Are you okay, DJ?

Smokin' up, where my sunglass at, huh?
I'ma need 6 back like stat, bruh
I don't need that motherf*cker if he wanna trick
Throw it all upon the wall, something gonna stick
Put my phone on DND, I'm on vacation, b*tch
You better have a good reason to be calling kid
It feel like I don't catch a break, never ending sh*t
So if I get another email, I'm finna flip
See, a lot of these motherf*ckers out here schemin'
Can't even do a thing in peace, not even breathin'
Got me livid, got me bent, got me steamin'
When I already got a hundred things to deal with
I'm tired of thinkin' 'bout it, mane, I'ma just stick it out
I don't wanna complain, I'm not gon' b*tch, I'm not gon' pout
I'm the brains of the operation, get it out
And I'ma crank it up beyond a shadow of a doubt
I remember it was a joke to these motherf*ckers
Now it's a line for who can have my nuts in the mouth
One day I hope that I can find a lil' escape route
Fake death, sell meth, I don't f*ck around, uh
I got more bags than a muotherf*ckaer
Got me feelin' tropical and a lil' stuck up
I took care of business, all I did was nut up
Yvncc this, Yvncc that, uh, shut the f*ck up
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