I'ma take it back, Ion' got time no more, can't lack
Can't boom sh*t if we stuck there, and Ion' play with these f*ckers
Ran out of reasons to be friendly because I got flipped
Ain't entertaining sh*t, I said it's over with
Who gon' stick it to the man? You rather stick 'em up
Though we robbin' for somethin', they talkin' sh*t for nothin'
Gon' play the game and nothin' else, jump and know what they say
Dealin' with the same conundrum every day
Blood diamond, shoe shinin', roof toppin', cool climate
Bootlickin' so violent, I could see that and I'm wildin'
You ridiculous for even thinkin' it could be that
Lil' cuh' exterminatin' because we dealin' with flea rats

Uh, yeah, yeah
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