Come attack me, bands on my head, b*tch
Big chop there lookin' outlandish
Ion' f*ck around with 'em 'bout a payment
Need to put in the term of a layman
How 'bout you get the hell on with your lame ass?
Lil' braindead b*tch, just say less
Out there, bruh do crime heinous
Thinkin' this sh*t funny, ain't it?
Uh, uh, put a ransom
Drive through, pop out, they blast 'em
Not about to deal with that hassle
Just count my bands in the castle
That cattle there gon' get lasso'd
My PO got me frazzled
Who scrappin', huh? Who wan' wrestle?
You sellin' yo' merch on Zazzle
Big money, big chains, gon' get it for sure, mane
I got big plans all up in my brain
In middle school, I listen Golf Wang
Now I'm that Husky Bruhski lil' mane
Firecrackers in my hand, finna do damage
I'ma lil' spastic, I don't ever plan it
I move on with bruh, hella manic
Need the money all around me, panoramic
Got big bank and I'm hella protective
Motherf*cker, step back, 'cause I'm gonna wreck it
Bands on you fall down, you catch it
I'ma jus send that lil' hoe steppin'
Don't even try, bruh, don't ask why
You don't really want this here, my guy
I'ma blast back, I'ma leave them fried
You should really let this die
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