See, I'm bunkin' hard, movin' crazy with bandanas
And playin' dirty tricks, I know way too many scammers
We flip whatever, coolin' motel 6 lot
I been up for 13 hours clutchin' knife, stowing rock
Them prizes hard to get, can't play that if you fret
Ever been chased down the road?
Ever fear for your life?
Shut up about it like I ain't did all this sh*t before
It's cool if you ain't know 'bout it, but I do, so let me go
I had to cut them boys off, past the point of no return
I know a lot of folks who went too late and got burnt
I'm lookin' in from the outside like "How did I escape?"
I got ratted on twice, bruh, them fcukers hella fake
You a beezy, flipping sh*t so easy
If it's not me, somebody else gon' do you grеasy
I cannot deal with a good hoe, mane, I'm too slеazy
I can't feel my toes, I'm out of gas, it's f*ckin' freezing
Yikes, was busting scripts all night
It's a game of chaos, I was masterful with the dice
But I ain't goin' back there
We dangerous, now in more ways than one
And I ain't tryna get played like a b*tch
By some stupid f*ck with a gun
You could stay reckless, I got it out my system hella young
Getting wrapped up as a minor is not actually that fun
Ever been handcuffed to a hospital bed?
If you did, you would see what I mean and then we would agree
Get 'em up
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