Don't find a co-sign too appealin' for me
You b*tches don't got the substance, your tracks yucky
If you was lookin' for delivery, I need 600
Either way, sh*t won't be the same when it's for the money
Go 'head and feed the demon, I can see right through the trick
I need a whip with seven seats, I need another grip
The neediness turned me off, quit clingin' to my tip
Every day serve as a reminder why I'm celibate
Uh, you really f*cked up now
I oughta split your head in two before I melt your crown
Extract the gold, put it on my finger, how that sound?
You don't wanna bite off with a rеal bloodhound
Strike you, good night, a baton on my arm
Fever drеam, sweaty sheet, sound the alarm
Best not expect me to keep you out the way of harm
Because I'm pretty good at trickin' people with my charm
Don't need a reason to snap at the drop of a hat
Look at life simple, keep it matter of fact
Nothin' you do gon' convince me that you not wack
I should dig spikes into this baseball bat
Take a step back, f*ck is you doin', crack?
Need to get off of that before I crack yo' ass
Ion' f*ck around with that jazz and you don't wan' see me spaz
I'ma give you three seconds to run, don't look back, b*tch
I'm f*ckin' tired of the scene, yeah
I'm an amoeba, f*ck you mean I'm phonky, man?
I'm not gon' stay inside your box, I keep you guessin', hoe
Just when you thought you had me figured out, I wreck it though
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