JaguarClaw on the beat

Thinkin bout tearin it up imon take a breather
And im Smokin on outdo wonderin how im weezin
Ya jus wan flavas i ain split dem imod keepum
Gon getcho bag blocked f*ck dat wyontcha Keep up
We gettin hella munny
I do this sh*t like a sudoku
Supa dummy
Wrangle em up like you supposed to
Where da cookies
Need sum dat right dere gon gallop up on em
Oh my goodness
I wan paper dat I ain seen before
Dat 1400
For da lil 'ppearance
Show it to yo parents
Is it static o wut I see sumthin mane its apparent
f*ckas talkin we could sweat it out mane you tryna wear it
N now immon get gangstalked cuz da ho embarrassed
I get my monеys worf
Gon handle bidne by myself cuz ion wan takе vacation
Leave you paralyzed on a shelf like uh dat sh*t was vacant
It was yesterday when I Seenat boy n said Whats Shakin
Im jus crankin da tune its whatever n dey Hate it

I'm just crankin’ da tune
I'm just crankin’ da tune
I'm just crankin’ da tune
I'm just crankin’ da tune
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