"Too Slow"

[Intro: 550]
Ooh, yeah
Ooh, yeah (Let the band play)
Ooh, yeah (Ayy, Marc, what it do?)
Ooh, yeah (5)

[Chorus: 550]
Trap, it was movin' too slow, n*gga gotta go in the field with 'em
Can't f*ck with no naggin' ass ho, n*gga don't even wanna deal with 'em
n*gga trap still out the spot, even though I kept it too real with 'em
Last plug, had to run up a tab, damn near got to a mil' with 'em
Smokin', eyes closed like a Japanese
No lemon pound, got Master P's
Chokin' out hoes like wrestling
pus*y too slick like vaseline
Callin' my phone, don't ask for me
n*ggas slide with hundred rounds just for me
Paper plate, n*gga, no tag with me
I'ma catch a murder, don't ask for me

[Verse 1: 550]
Gotta catch a body, knock his top off
Fake shoes, n*gga rockin' knockoffs
Ridin' down Ocean with the top off
Bad lil' b*tch speak Spanish
Hundred all blues what I'm havin'
n*gga, down the road, wasn't rappin'
n*gga, down the road, we was trappin'
n*gga, down the road, we was cappin'
n*gga, down the road, livin' lavish
Four guards, five bombs
Telephones in one
Got the weed in too
X pills and the lean
Place an order, get some clean
b*tch solid, Mr. Clean
Mouthpiece sold a dream
My main guard brought me wings
Hustle, dawg, anything
Dummy bale, pull schemes, yeah
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