Taylor Swift


Not thinking
Im not absolute
Im not a salute
You notice so much
See so little to the touch
But can you taste it
Oh i know it so close you can
So close you can
He said my sun
Left us
Left us
Pablo’s paint
Blue boy blue days
Blue days period on the strain
Casso casa
In his home they let him rot
Take the blame you say
Take the blame
Not these days
These days theyre put to shame for
The name
Ill say pablo more
Lo and behold youre a door
Hold yourself closed
Cause im not here anymore
Play a spade
Guess thats a death card
Ill watch the way you live through the game
This life isnt about a flat shade ah grey ay eye
I catch your accent on that piano strain
But id rather catch this plane
Im not just an instrument babe
Its a critical cause not just a song
But its just a song
Large contain multitude so what have u
To do with it all
Contradict myself
I mean why not
Agassi agassi
Why dont u drop that ball
Cause i keep reading the same game and
I didn't even read it once

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