Death Grips

"Keiren Disstrack"

Keiren you're black, you need to go back to your culdesac
You're clearly ill and need to chill
Your dad opted to have you adopted
You're guarded and need to be bombarded and disregarded
Suck on a c*ck in bangkok, it's best for you
You need some gauze cause you got hit in the head as a baby
You need some weed or you'll bleed
You're afflicted cause you're addicted
You sucked c*ck while i f*cked your mom
I want death cause of your breath
You're keiran, so foreign you ballerina b*tch. you put your semen in some thot named karen who uses heroin
You're gonna throw up a white flag you fag cause my bars will throw you to mars
I'll rape you, you ape, you deserve to serve a life sentence of repentance
You think you're god you fraud
You f*cked your mother and brother you maggot and faggot
Small di*k energy hit you like a brick you sound like a b*tch you dumb snitch

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