Pay Me $100K to Play at Biden’s Inauguration lyrics


Nick Lutsko

[Verse 1]
It's been a long week
I feel like I could use a vacation
I can hardly think
It's like the worst song you've ever heard on every station
It's getting harder to believe
That we're ever gonna find a way to heal this nation
But we gotta start somewhere so
Joe let me sing at your inauguration

[Verse 2]
The people demand it
They need something that gets them dancing
And it's a Halloween planet
So why not make the theme to Spirit Halloween the new national anthеm?
America, stand up
Hand in hand we'll all stand taller
I'm happy to lеad the charge
And it'll only cost a hundred thousand dollars

It's cheaper than Meatloaf
It's cheaper than Seal
It's cheaper than Elton
It's honestly a steal
It's cheaper than Sting
It's cheaper than Simon
It's comparable to Garfunkel
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