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"Latest news on the Proton X70 2020"

As has been established, Malaysia's bestselling SUV, the Proton X70 2020, has begun local-assembly in Tanjung Malim, Malaysia, and is managed by two renowned Japanese professionals, ex-Nissan's Masazumi Ogawa and ex-Mitsubishi's Yoshiya Inamori. Although this locally-assembled CKD variant is yet to be launched, the assembly company at the Tanjung production plant has announced that the new Proton car will sport amazing new features, one of them being a remarkable revolutionary gearbox.
Although the 1.8L turbo gasoline direct injection is still retained, the CKD Proton X70 2020 will have its old 6-speed slushbox replaced by an impressive 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission (7DCT).  Pretty cool.
Of course, there are some essential things to know about the Proton car's new gearbox.

Important things to know about the Proton X70 2020 new gearbox

How is the 7DCT better?
The new 7DCT gearbox made by Geely is actually of a robotic manual transmission. All gear numbers, whether odd or even, are engaged by two clutches; yes, two! This means the 7DCT will be able to change gears much quicker than any other manual gearbox.
As opposed to dry clutch DSG transmissions, the wet 7DCT is superbly efficient, much more efficient than so many others of its class. The 7DCT offers an efficiency of about 94.6%, its maximum reaching up to 97%, far better than most of its competition. This efficiency level gives the Proton car a minimum drivetrain loss and makes it gearbox one of the most efficient in the world currently.

What does the high efficiency mean for the Proton car?

What the improved efficiency means for the Proton X70 2020 is that due to its less drivetrain loss, there will be less fuel consumption and better power delivery. The less fuel consumption means an ultimate improvement on the CUD Chinese-imported design, which was reported to have been consuming a little more fuel than usual, although insignificant, howbeit. Contrary to what you get from a car with auto transmission, the CDK Proton car 2020 will offer no-slip whatsoever from the torque converter and no loss form driving a hydraulic pump.
Also, there is a lesser fuel consumption with this new model. The 7DCT was observed to consume 7.5L per 100km, of which the older version consumed 7.8L for the same distance covered.
The older version of the Proton car had a weight disadvantage compared to other cars of its size, weighing 98kg. But with the lighter 7DCT, the overall weight of the CDK Proton X70 2020 has reduced to 75kg. What an impressive weight loss.

Why have a wet clutch rather than a dry one common to other similar SUVs?

It can be said, and quite agreeably so, that dry clutches offer more efficiency overall, but in the long run, they wear out and crumble prematurely. This has been seen in early Volkswagen models, and the makers have thus been quite disturbed by that fact. In addition to easily breaking down, the dry clutch is easily affected by adverse weather conditions and changes, unlike the wet clutch.
The 7-speed wet clutch, according to its developer Geely, will be very durable as it conforms with Volvo's durability policies.
To avoid doubts, the new 7DCT has been tested in varying weather conditions in China, Africa, and Europe.
A shift-by-wire electronic gear level would come with the Proton X70 2020 along with paddle shifters. The gearbox is said to have a shifting speed of 0.3 seconds. That's pretty outstanding.
The Proton X70 2020 promises to have better acceleration and, consequently, a good overtaking capability as a result of having more torque than the older version. This is yet to be tested, though.
It has been announced by PROTON that their latest locally-assembled SUV, the Proton X70, will be launched very soon in 2020, and the public is quite ecstatic to see how better it would perform in contrast to the imported CUD Proton car.

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