Free Game lyrics


Yo Gotti

Yea, yah
It’s only one of me homie
(Reece, take ‘em to church)
Aye I gave n*ggas the blueprint, I showed n*ggas how to get to the money
I never asked ‘em for nothin’
Not even respect, I took that

Rumors (rumors), n*ggas spreadin’ rumors (lies)
It’s 2021, the new drug dealers consumers, ah
What a life, what a life (what a life)
Ten million dollar crib n*gga, I was sellin’ white (cocaine)
I did my thing I never spoke on names (nevеr ever)
Respеct the game, I always knew my lane (stayed clever)
The plug came, made sure they got their change (all the cheddar)
The street different, the sh*t ain’t the same (how you let this)
Public figures endorsin’ this rats (rats), I told my plug he should give me a plaque (plaque)
I’m tryna value my accomplishments (accomplishments)
Without the money, don’t make common sense (common sense)
I watched my momma struggle with the rent (too many times)
Now my momma ain’t gotta worry since (what a peace of mind), yeah
I’m a business man (man)
Told my homie you want a loan, give me your business plan, aye (what up?)
I’m with the Roc baby (dynasty)
FN on me, i been buying stock lately
Pandemic who?, I love droughts (love droughts)
This the time to show you what the hustle about (I am)
Summer time mustang cars, I brought the custom’s out (vroom vroom)
I get questioned at customs, they always pick me out (damn)
I remember momma wanted to kick me out (why?)
I remember grandma told me gangsters move in silence so don’t speak without (shhh)
Thinking, n*ggas sinkin’, I see ‘em linkin’ (linkin)
You going against me, what the f*ck you thinking?
What you been smokin’ and what you drinkin’?
I know you ain’t focused, I see you blinkin’ (blinkin)
My watch like three fifty and it ain’t blingin (not a stone)
Not one single stone, do you know the meaning?
Free game, buy that sh*t Plain Jane (Jane)
The jeweler tell you buss it down, won’t say the same thing
Hold your value like you buying property (property)
I’m buyin’ land, like I’m playin’ monopoly (monopoly)
I’m a goat, I expect this n*ggas to copy me
I’m kinda flattered, that lil’ sh*t don’t bother me
Free game (free game)
Free game (free game, free game)
This free game, this free game
Free gang too, you know what I’m sayin’

We only wanted to become a millionaire
Just left the bank, they said is fifty million there
You had a silver spoon, we had no silverware
We come from the mud, we had to get it there (players)
I switch the whole flow up like a b*tch glow up (uhh)
Smoke, grape Fanta, burgers seems he’ll throw up
I’ll make a b*tch grow up fast
I’m on they ass, some’ on my back
And I’ll go out bad ‘fore I go out sad
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