Shoot Off Pt. 4 lyrics


Yo Gotti

[Intro: Yo Gotti & Leo Goff]
(Tay Keith, f*ck these n*ggas up)
(DJ Meech, lil' b*tch)
Ayy, Leo, don't stop me, this off top part four
Alright, alright, we got it like ninety bars

[Verse: Yo Gotti & Leo Goff]
Ayy, used to be the fed, now the paparazzi snapping
Ayy, everybody smoking on somebody, boy, quit capping
Somebody tell Tay Keith he a fool, this b*tch slapping
Left my last b*tch, what happened?
Shoutout my last b*tch, what's happening?
Real n*gga, never been the one to pillow talk, I never seen a pillow
b*tch told me Richard Mille or bye-bye, I'ma miss her
FN hold baby missiles, it go through your bone gristle
High security, still tote thе pistol
I don't rely on nan' n*gga
Let's have somе fun with this sh*t
I'ma slow down the flow (Okay)
You know this CM10, this "Shoot Off" number four ("Shoot Off" number four)
You see that Phantom and that Cullinan and that Wraith and the Ghost
I f*ck your b*tch on a plane, double back for the throat
I'm investing in crypto
I be texting in street code
Got more watches than jewelers
Want my b*tches in plurals
That's more than one a time
If she ain't with it, it's fine
She know I'm busy as f*ck, that's my favorite line (Shoot off)
When the beat breakdown, make me feel like I'm breaking down them pounds
And my sister [?] in the kitchen with that newspaper on the ground (Keep going)
When them bricks came in, me and Nero had ziplocs in them ziplocs
Standing over that stove, making that pot go do the beatbox (Go, go)
Joe Biden with the big rocks, fifty pointers in the Rollie
Trackhawk and a Redeye, none of my sh*t stolen
Shirt off in that XL, might go luxury, uh-huh
Know I keep it on me so don't f*ck with me, uh-huh
I used to ride a four and now I'm in the Forbes
I used to step on woodgrain now it's marble floors
I miss the Honda Accord, used to have a b*tch in it with the bricks in it
Rental trucks tinted with the sticks in it, yeah, I been spinning (Twenty-four left)
Yeah, I been winning, big Gotti big getting it
No feelings, drug dealing, turned that sh*t to a business
Solo on all my mission, want no witness or codefendants
Never put no hoes in the business
No cap, no kidding, I take this sh*t to the graveyard
I got a million in that Goyard
I made a half a million out my room, oh yeah, our trap booming
I'm eating noodles serving consumers
Locked in with the streets, never move off rumors
Facts only
This that Cocaine Muzik, yeah, I'm right back on it (Almost there)
Gave my n*gga a hundred K, turned his back on me
Ain't no love in these streets, ain't no loyalty
How opps beefing with me but they avoiding me
(Alright, just make sure I get my credit)
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