Thinking Hours lyrics


Yo Gotti


I just woke up, my whole city crying
Every sixty seconds, they blowin' up my line (Ring)
I ain't speakin' on sh*t that ain't no business of mine
And I ain't got the time (So I ain't even trying)
This the city of Memphis, this the city of kings
I got faith in the city, Martin died for the dream
When you jump in these streets, you gotta know what that mean
That's why I don't leave the house without a switch and a beam
If I'm a hundred percent honest, I'm a lil' disappointed (I am)
With allegations and rumors like you n*ggas wanted (Me?)
Me behind bars, not in these foreign cars (For real)
I ain't on that petty sh*t, n*gga, I'm creating stars
Who brought you Birthday Bash (Me) with your favorite stars? (Me)
Who the first n*gga jumpin' out your favorite cars? (Gotti)
North Memphis trappin'-ass n*gga (n*gga)
And I ain't never let 'em play me like these rappin'-ass n*ggas
Never been no ass kisser (Never)
Gotti a hater, oh, I'm the last n*gga
So the street honoring lies, I wash my hands with 'em
n*gga, I put on for this city without a flaw on my name and dealt with everything that came with it
I put plagues on the wall, I put n*ggas on Billboard
I done lived a life these n*ggas would kill for
I was feeding the babies, puttin' n*ggas through school
Turned trappers to execs, now they in board rooms
n*gga, I changed the future
Never joined a gang, stayed neutral
I ain't pocket watchin' n*ggas, if you winnin', I salute you
Maybe I'm too big for n*ggas to understand (To understand)
Or maybe I'm too real and I don't understand
Got a question for my city, is you proud of me or not? (Is you?)
Soccer team owner, I used to get it out the pot
At twenty dollars a pop
In Ridgecrest sellin' rocks
Now I just broke ground to build a condo down on Popular
With Gotti in the driver seat, they know nobody stopping us
Again, why would I be hatin'? Nobody hot as us
Do you know what I'm worth? Do you know what I own?
You can check my investments, you can Google my home
And I don't say I'm a king 'cause I sit on a throne
n*gga, I say I'm a king 'cause I stand on my own
I provide for my people
Me and my n*ggas are equal
I put on for my city
No one gets the prize
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