"God Bless America"

Ayy, Presto, I'm runnin'?
Aight, yuh
Yuh-yuh, yuh-yuh
Check, check, check, yuh, yuh
Yuh, yuh, check-check, check-check
Yuh, yuh, yuh, check-check, yuh
Uh, uh, uh

[Verse 1]
Probably a sociopath, I draw all of the red flags
I'm lyin' to my own straight to make the time pass
I've turned into a f*ckin' monster like your empathy
Said it was the drugs but even sober I feel empty
Took away my blade so I can't slit my wrist
But I still got a candle, light a f*cking match and let the flames rip
And was my f*ckin' skin black into a damn crisp
And tear up at the pain because I'm happy I can feel sh*t
Now I'm on some tabs of acid sittin' on a plane seat
Lookin' down below with all the nswers, turn my TV on
Got a feeling strong I ain't gon' be here long
Before I end up in a casket
That's the literal definition of EGO's death, why you laughing?
(Why you laughing? Why you laughing?) Stupid f*cking [?] ni​gg​er

You got another verse?
Uhh, yeah I got a few bars

[Verse 2]
Ironic that I took all of these pills because depression
When they the remedy for [?] I'm pressin'
I coulda been a leader, b*tch, I coulda been the president
God bless America, the run of all your children
Fulfilling ain't it, watch a young kid crumble
Y'all ignoring the rumble
Pay attention to this sh*t
Keep on blaming the victims as we fall to the system
I got two in this pistol
One for you and your b*tch too
'Cause I dance with the Devil
Got a feelin' I'm Neville
Gonna end like a [?]
Electric chair pull the lever
Mind still stuck in the cellar
Turn a black stormy weather
All my horrors I wrestle
Hopin' they can't arrest me
Tryna change, I'm not restin'
I'm got affected, to no police I'm respecting
Take Ecstasy and smoke pressure
Hope I beat up depression
Don't distract from my message

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