Verse 1 (Dizzy Eight):
Listen, I've been broken before, it made me heartless
Until I found the light and it led me out of the darkness
My memories was key and through it my blade was sharpened
I was nobody until I gained a heart that's word to Roxas
My enemies claiming that they my dawgs y'all goofy
Y'all frauds keep my guard up just like my dog Goofy
Everyone don't have your back trust them with it and they'll stab it
So I learned to keep my distance, I ride solo out of habit
I know people always wear differеnt faces
Things are nevеr what it seems
It's so hard to trust anything that you saying
The truth lies in what I don't see, don't see yeah
I'm riding with the squad I know I'm on a mission
I can't lose heart, our bond strengthens my conviction
Yeah, by your side where I belong
I might be broken now but know that I'm never alone cause

Chorus (Dizzy Eight):
Pieces of my heart we put em back together
I know that our bond will always last forever
If I'm lost then come and find me
Lose your heart then come and find me
If I forget then come remind me
If I forget then come remind me, remind me, remind me
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