Rosé Black lyrics



[Verse 1:K'Amour]
This pain, I go insane wondering if it’d feel better if I take out my heart and my brain
You trust me
I’m the first one that you trust but maybe it was too late for me I'm really saying what
f*ck being a hopeless romantic f*ck a Krystal Gem
What’s that to a true friend?
For you I’d go to any end to make sure you feel safe
I’ll be your bad boy and angel call me pastor Ma$e
I wrote this that night holding back tears
Had to give a lecture like Ms.Lanier
Gotta use this music to express my feelings
Feel this in my chest and kidneys just like penicillin
Finna hit the cеiling Lord please keep my peoplе safe if You’re willing
I tell em listen
Rose Petals, Rose gem, Rose gold
Black card, Black friends, Black hoes
I made my ends lets go
1k in one week Mel know
I’ve spent time alone like Toshiki Khi
This guy making hella heat he too Fieri
But wrong Guy i’m more Teddy Rile-y
On December 31 throwin up confetti
I get asked to make music like everyday
I really thought y’all had forgot about me
No Lupe but when kick goes to push bih
U Should Get Cover Call me CJ Kush bih
Let me find the flow in the back of the lac
So I kickback don't lack this my kodak moment
But it comes with a drawback
Mathematics lemme take a stab at it
1 then 2 then i add but subtract so where's the fun in that
Can’t sleep, insomniac, then it all fades to black

[Bridge 1:Ahmel.W]
Take it slow
This is all I know
Wait, like on and on
It's fine with me
No cameras need privacy
Where roses bleed
Whoa, where roses bleed

[Verse 2:K'Amour]
As rose fades to black
I find myself looking out to see if my sight still intact
Always the alpha in the pack
Cardiac arrest I'm coming at you like a heart attack
Split you in half just like you V
The Devil May Cry if he sees the God in me
I seen em fall like autumn leaves
They try to get back up but get chopped down like a tree
I’m still a pacifist but still
If it’s wartime best believe I'm down to kill
No Chicago, I'm ready to drill
I had made the song about Krystal but she is not a gem
But i guess that's in the past
Its like everyone say the real stay the fake will never last
My pockets so broke they need a cast
I been running through my mind for so long my thoughts said I move too fast
But Jimi told me keep on moving
And Aaliyah told me keep grooving
The people claim that they unbiased but they still choosin
With God in my corner i can’t be losing
Rex is burning all the sage
Keney making all the waves
They out here making new slaves
I try to stop thinking realistically and then i fade
(The process of making music, it can just be hard sometimes you know? (Yeah) Yeah, I felt that too)

[Outro:Ahmel.W & KeneyTsunami]
You took back when you
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