"Ghetto Gospel"

(Verse 1: Jay Worthy)
G sh*t, coming from where n*ggas don't see sh*t
No Peace treaty believe me some real street sh*t
Speak so fluid in Bompton that old P sh*t
Still got b*tches that hoein that's on me pimp
Street life, thugging in the same fit as last night
But we ain't never trippin on mama as long as the cash right
You don't really want no problems we do it on sight
Hop out the homies be with it don't take this sh*t light
Get off squeezing the semi like we don't do fights
Rental car drop it in Vegas and then a cheap flight
Uber right up to the airport and cop a red eye
A little getaway to get my mind right, mind right, mind right
Still the same n*gga from the Westside
Where I can say I really done did it where the best died
P shakes greet me when I land real gang ties
Ghetto gospel and Hood lullabies

(Verse 2: Curren$y)
Now the b*tch was stealing rollies
Trying to bring them to the homies
She was dangerous out roaming
I was on the porch smoking
Eyes partially opened but your dog's super focused
Just Jet life rolling with the dopest on some coast to coast sh*t
I know whoopers I know locsters cuz there hustlers all over
Dollar signs what it's about on the road or out these hoes
Hundred thousand Rolex
My di*kies show two buttons on the top
I got four switches in my at the top
Smoke chamber, private jet hangar you might pass out
Cough up a lung this where I'm from
I gotta eat every motherf*cking crumb
I gotta get what I come for
Look what I done but i know I can do much more
Push for another Ferrari or another Porche, another score
Cop coupes break that f*cking dashboard
Stand up in the motor jamming the floaters
In the Wraith made for comfort driver's seat like a sofa
I'm going wherever the paper, I'm locked and loaded
First class flight this morning from New Orleans to California
Upon landing, the bad b*tch pulled up on me and laid out everything she had for me homie

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