"Certain Man"


[Verse 1]
Nah nah nah nah nah that's not me
Cause I'm putting my city on the map properly
Can't rap properly
Wanna talk bout clash but they're not coming out like Black Ops 3
Are you sure?
They don't want war
Bet it comes out like Black Ops 4
Got bare bodies I can add one more
Mans in his yard us man are on tour
Man get greeze and a man are on Raw
Bang man out make him stand up some more
Got a toolbox in the boot, spanner and saw
Stand up tall bandanna in court
Backchat now what you having it for?
I ain't having it no more man are just bored
More time smoked out cannabis lord
Jaykae there's no man of this sort

Yeah cause certain man'll go jail for their boys but they won't go shop for their mom
And certain man'll go run for a gal but if I need help that's long
And certain man will come smile in your face but really they hate on the sly
We get money all year so we don't really care it just proves that you ain't one of mine
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