N95 (Freestyle) lyrics


Baby Keem

My manner is brash

My manner is brash, it's been disapproving
I tried everything, nothing's improving
Can't control, can't control my life anymore
Got something to prove, something to lose
Got nothing to lose, nothing to prove
Trapped behind a mask, loneliness, bask in it
Try to live up to greatness, can't surpass it
Came back up in glory, my life's too gory
Progress was my purpose, am I really worth it?
Time to live up to my expectations, I don't know, stop speculating
Tired of all the speculations, stop accusing
Live up to my expectations, stop abusing
All I know, all I want is success
Please give me a blessing
Know that a lecture isn't always a lesson
Give me your blessing, I'm tired of all the stressing
I'm tired of all the blessings, give me a lesson
I don't know what to do anymore
Cry on a bench and sleep on the floor
You can't repent of my fate
I don't know, I'm unmatched? It's too late
You don't know what I been through, had to sleep on the hard slate
Had to repent every day, had to repay all my dues
I don't know what else, I don't know what else to do
Try to animate my life, my life's no game
This ain't no threat, my life has always been the same
I was going through shame and pain
You know it's too much of a strain, you know it's too much of a strain
How am I supposed to cope with this pain?
I'm left with so much anger
All I feel is distraught and pain
Full of desolation and despair
I don't know, I don't know what to do
You never cared
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