Family Ties (Remix) lyrics


Baby Keem

[Part I]
[Intro: DJ Drewski & Samad Savage]
This that east coast energy (Yeah)
Drewski, you got me, right?
I got you, Samad
I know y'all wasn't expecting this
Oh no, they wasn't, DJ Drewski, Samad Savage
The movement, heavy hitters (Woo)
You know the vibe now
Hoe, we outside now (Ayy)
East coast energy, let's go, let's go

[Verse: Samad Savage]
Up in that, uh, yeah
Up in that stick
It don't add up
I don't like some of that, eh, none of that sh*t
Sugar Ray prime, huh, come on that hits
Heh, that's the ad-lib
Think I lack gigs?
Huh, dumpin' mad clips
Brrt, leave 'em as is
Thought you was that guy, well, I'm perturbed
I'm like "Sure"
n*ggas can't see me, that's a blur
Screamin' for Gucci, hot on brr
Numero uno, they don't click skip
Ain't no reverse, it is my turn, huh
And I keep my whip non-binary
In my skirt, man, I came up from the dirt
Mama left me and my brother when she had to go to work
Get a quarter from the couch before she dig up in the purse
We was livin' in the 'burbs, I didn't get none of the perks
Ain't nobody give a damn, so she wouldn't let us curse
Ain't nobody give a hand, just some peanut butter
And a little bit of jam, it was gettin' on my nerves
Had the ramen in the pan, [?] in the water
Couldn't even get the Spam, 'cause we don't involve church
I was followin' the slam, huh
So stop, it was kinda part of the plan
Everyone who raised me is proud about who I am
I was [?} by listenin' to Killa Cam
Then eventually Chief Keef wavin' the heat at directors
Somehow, I came back to Kill a cam
Now it's up, and I let it blow around your top
And I'm 'bout to win, I just got you a ceiling fan (It's good)
It's my comeback season
The game in a drought, so I'm here for a reason
One-on-one, I'm trapped in this musical bein'
Now I'm gettin' loose as if there was no ceilin'
Yeah, I'm dream chasin' the faces
Killin' this sh*t for the green, I'm OJ with the cases
I get away with one, nah, nah, nah
I'm a badass, do I have to say it?
Acidical raps, give a chance if you play it
Before you're readin' this, it's way too late, b*tch
It's just entertainment
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