Billy Marchiafava


Little freestyle
You know what I'm sayin', back in 1963, best f*cking year of my life
Holy sh*t, yuh

Gotta hit you with the f*ckin' freestyle baby
I don give a f*ck b*tch, diamonds go crazy
Diamonds on my wrist, diamonds on my ankles, diamonds on my di*k, diamonds on my ballsack b*tch
Aye, I'ma hit her one time, goddamn
I'ma hit her sometime, goddamn
On the f*ckin' sunrise
And my f*ckin' eyes, b*tch I feel good guy
b*tch I'm a good guy
Goddamn, I've been f*ckin' rappin' since I was f*ckin' born
1963 was the best f*ckin' year that I ever f*ckin' existed
Oh sh*t
Pull up on you, slap you in your sh*t
I don need no motherf*ckin' Glock cus I got my di*k, uh
And I just f*cked that b*tch in her ass
And I, was wondering if you had a peso dime for me
I'm turning up
I don't give a single f*ck, ya dig
That the chopper on me, I'ma let it sing

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