Billy Marchiafava

"Gamers Unite"

[Verse 1]
I just flexed up on a b*tch now I’m stuntin, Billy the reason yo girl ain’t respondin'
I’m getting top from yo mom on a island, and she throw it back like she play for the giants, ay
I catch 'em all just like Pokémon
I’m witcho girl making films on my Nikon
Dropped a few songs, then blew up like a rocket
My numbers stay climbin', no you cannot stop it
Got so much bread, I cut open a bakery
Me and yo auntie, somewhere cookie pastry’s
Run up a check and then I dip
I’m too busy ballin' you talkin' all that sh*t
Didn’t go to college, but I’m still getting rich
And I’m eatin' real good, got the steak with the shrimp, God damn
Credit 850
Got a new girl, and she work it like Missy
Back in the lab, and I’m cookin' so swiftly
Billy stay hot, but my Neck so chilly, ay


[Verse 2]
b*tch I’m back on that dumb sh*t
All yo money counterfeit
I was born to flex
I’m only interested in blue strips
They want another hit, you know
Billy gon' deliver it
I pulled up in that limo Tint
Feelin' extra ignorant
No one can't stop me
I ride with a thotty
I whip Maserati
She givin' me sloppy
I gotta a new Rollie
Yo diamonds be phony
My life is a movie
Don’t act like you know me, damn
Billy stay clean like squeegee
All these motherf*ckers wanna be me
Sippin' on Fiji
Soon you gon' see me on tv
Billy makin' hits so easy, ay, damn

Just let this sh*t run, f*ck it
I'm freestylin' I don't even know what the f*ck I'm sayin'
Y'all listenin' to this sh*t, God damn
How a mo'f*cka' get ten million streams on a song I made in twenty-seconds, I don't get it
How that sh*t work, f*ck it

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