03 Greedo


Verse 1
Talking about feels man you know how it can kill
World so f*cked man we just living for the thrill
Thrill for real? don't you know it's the f*cking real
Gotta live through it tell me where do i find the will

Sippin lean now wait i want the greens now
Can't decide, this obessions got me feeling down
Run around in my head i just need a time out
Too much rage i need to pull the f*cking Glock out

Angels and devils shouting on my shoulder
f*ck all these words i'm escaping the sober
This ain't a vibe really can't hold much further
Damn all these sh*t tell me when it's all over

Need a new me yeah i need a new me
My life is done it got me on my knees
Gotta need answers so pass me the key
I just wanna be fine i just wanna be free

I'm pulling up with the codeine on your block
Heads up, we sniffing snow man we ain't gotta talk
Life is short so let's burn the time, tick tock
Keep the safe check yuh make sure we got it on the lock

This ain't gta bro we got no restart
Life with money it can never set apart
We spitting bars before we get behind the bars
Living normally outside but inside, filled with scars

I be killing it while it's killing my feeling
Too much dealing i think i need some healing
Dollars be running man its time for some stealing
Popos be appearing now i gotta start peeling

I feel like myself when i'm w the drugs
f*ck this hoes all around who can i trust
Can't decide which to choose is it love or lust
Things be better now if it ain't the past

The good and bad in between it's uneven
The memories creep up when it hits eleven
Can't put myself to sleep in the morning when it's seven
Who would have thought knowing someone new feels like heaven

Verse 2
You'll never know the pain that i really feel
The light of the day makes it so unreal
Never thought you'll leave me hanging right where you were
Please dont go i'm in pain, i think i need a cure
Dont you know my life is filled with pain
Surrounded by darkness, overwhelmed with shame
Cuts and bruises on my arms made with the blade
Stooping so low, realising the wrongs i've made
Sleeping with pain inside my head got me feeling like im insane
Like im insane (yea)

Verse 3
Mood has always been suicidal
Or is this just me living in denial
Put all of my feelings into a pile
And burn it all up i can't find the strength to smile
Nothing left for me to lose
Nothing left for me to gain
Tired of walking in my shoes
Tired of living in vain
Im sorry that i caused u pain
But it’ll soon be over pull the trigger and those bullets finally hits the brain
Throw on a facade now and act like im alright
Said that im going to sleep now but i stayed up all night
Usually spend those nights
Locked inside my head
Thoughts about my ex
And the days i could be dead
Vision turns black as i fade into the background
Nothing ever comes good whenever im around
I’ll hide away and push everyone from me
Pop all them pills hope nobody stops me

Verse 4
With all these mess i think ima just let it be
Can't relate tho i explain to them entirely
Ain't no free world man i can't even run freely
And when i'm gone i hope they'll remember RIVAYI

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