03 Greedo


Verse 1
Talking about feels man you know how it can kill
World so f*cked man we just living for the thrill
Thrill for real? don't you know it's the f*cking real
Gotta live through it tell me where do i find the will

Sippin lean now wait i want the greens now
Can't decide, this obessions got me feeling down
Run around in my head i just need a time out
Too much rage i need to pull the f*cking Glock out

Angels and devils shouting on my shoulder
f*ck all these words i'm escaping the sober
This ain't a vibe really can't hold much further
Damn all these sh*t tell me when it's all over

Need a new me yeah i need a new me
My life is done it got me on my knees
Gotta need answers so pass me the key
I just wanna be fine i just wanna be free

I'm pulling up with the codeine on your block
Heads up, we sniffing snow man we ain't gotta talk
Life is short so let's burn the time, tick tock
Keep the safe check yuh make sure we got it on the lock
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