I’ve been nowhere can i follow something?
I’ve been nothing I’m not cool
I feel no ways girl i’m slowly falling
Falling in love all for you

Baby girl its been a minute, oh
I’ve been running independent, no
I’ve been kinda in my feelings, though
You’re convinced you’re unappealing
So baby just ride with me
I got my hands on the wheel shot gun the seat
We can never really know the future plan but see
Just take my hand and sing and laugh with me but

I feel no ways
My minds a daze
I’ll spend my days
I feel no ways

Made sense when i hit it, but
I’ve been f*cked up stealing, oh
I’ve been drinking not feeling much
When you come around don’t bring the plug
So baby I’m the man you’ll see
I got my records on spin and i think that we
Should be reconciling and i know you’ll see
But lately I’ve been dreaming about you not me and
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