Ouse ツ

"Back to the beginning"

Back to the beginning [prod. Ouse]

Let’s go back to the beginning

Experience is your Teacher, so learn from its Wisdom
The walls in your heart are what keep you from the Kingdom
You’ve become cold and hard from all the scars that do linger
Reaching towards the mirror, contact with one finger
Can you see the Truth, the glass also a window
A door to the soul, what every pupil will show
But how many souls have gotten lost in limbo
Not everything you see is how it appears so

Don’t judge your neighbor
Don’t judge a stranger
Learn how to Love
Like a kid again

You begin at the end
You end at the beginning
Not quite a circle
Move up as your spinning
Cycle through the spiral
Many lessons within it
Experiences mold you
And lead you to the finish

Past, present, future I’m somewhere in between
Memories of the future, prophecies
Visions of the past, deja vu what it seems
Wake up every morning, getting closer to me

Let’s go back to the beginning

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