Ouse ツ

"My Mattress"

[Powfu & Ouse]
Back up
She want to talk now
She want to talk it out
Screw this
Don't wanna' do this
Think I might call it now
Crashing, fall on my mattress
Pay for my actions
What now
Guess I'ma write down
One more break-up in my books
One more break-up in my books
One more break-up in my books

Lost all in sight
Lost in the blinding light
It's not me
I think everybody else is high
Yea, why do you need to lie?
I've got nothing to hide
I've got an angel bite
I've got angel bites on my upper lip
Not this time
I'm so done with this
But that's how it is
I miss my ship
I've got to flip this switch
Back on bliss
Pleased you're sad
Like you give a sh*t
Cause' I don't
And I know you don't too
But you look like you do
Till I'm falling for you
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