Tom MacDonald


Everybody knows someone who's sick
40 percent will get cancer, only half's gonna live
Your mom and your dad and your sister stand inside a room
And someone won't survive it, do you hope it isn't you?

[Verse 1]
I swear that cancer has a cure but they're refusin' to make it
They done like 40 years of research, 90 billion in donations
We've been runnin' for the cure and wearin' ribbons for ages
Why are people still goin' through radiation? It's crazy
Hundred billion dollar industry, they can't afford to end it
And nobody wants to die, our only option is to spend it
We'd givе anything to stick around for just another second
Give a fortunе to the doctors who promise they can extend it
The profits are astronomic, the hospitals and the clinics
Are fillin' coffins with dollars, it's awful, let's just admit it
We're all human, we'll keep on fightin' 'cause it's how we survive
But it's scary 'cause we don't know where we'll go when we die

Don't give up and know you're strong
Show them all your fire
The days are hard the nights are long
But you are a fighter
When it's dire you burn brighter in the dark
You're a survivor when you're tired
You hold tighter, you have heart
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