Soulja Boy Tell ’Em

"Not Just Hype"

I woke up this morning looked at my bank account and had a heart attack

[Verse 1]
Move quickly, thinkin Soulja Tell 'Em
Leave him leaking if he disrespect the deacon
The beepers bleeping, yinking
Thinking to myself what is going on
Inside my head sipping syrup out my styrofoam
Now I think I need to get a chiropract
Because I’m getting so much money
And the weight is on my shoulders
And I'm harder than a boulder
And the world I'm taking over
And I’m luckier than a clover
Throwing on my J's as I start my day
Lighting up my blunt today
Bank account is looking straight
So damn, why them people hate?
But they can't relate to me
Everything's a common struggle
Everybody know what's up
Soulja Tell 'Em they in trouble
All my n*ggas know I'm king
All you b*tch-ass n*ggas queens
Four way hit your f*cking dream
Seeing sh*t you never seen
Going where you never saw
I'm thinking what you never thought
I’m buying what you never bought
I’m on and you always off
Off the f*cking dome
Soulja I'm the f*cking man
I’m riding on my chrome
Inside my home electric yong yeah
Kicking in my door never happened
I should mackingmidt
The f*cking rachet make sh*t splatter
Soulja Tell 'Em it's disaster
Hit the mic and pick it up
I talk, my people lift them up
My words are powerful, so positive

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