Red Light Green Light (Freestyle) lyrics


Soulja Boy

Draco, pull up with choppas, I'm ready to shoot
Man, these n*ggas be broke, who the f*ck is they foolin'?
I just went and spent a thousand on some shoes
How you sneak dissin', boy? I invented you
The Bentley don't drop until 2022
Send your location, you know Draco spin it, too
I told you I shot that n*gga in the interview
Bet you I pull up, n*gga, in the Bentley
These n*ggas be broke and you know that
sh*t that they signed for that deal, you know that I blow that
These n*ggas be sellin' they soul
Big Draco independent, stupid, you know I can't fold that
PCO when I pop out the cut
These n*ggas pourin' Neosporin how I'm in the cut
Soulja Boy lemonade all in my double cup
Big Backwoods, Russian cream, roll it up
Matter fact, where you from, n*gga? Throw it up
Sippin' on lean, 'bout to throw it up
Back to back in the Maybach, we gon' pour it up
Just like a C4, Big Draco, well, I'm blowin' up
Just like a UFO, NASA, I'm takin' off, goin' up
I bust down my wrist, yeah, I froze it up
Rose gold Cartier, I gotta hold it up
Walk in the trap and they notice us
Big Backwood on the jet, smokin', don't tell her why
Lowkey in Dubai and they say they can't find
Every time I come back, they say it's perfect time
I call up my jeweler, he sell me some John
Hop in the Double-R Cullinan, seats, they recline
The 57 Ruger, them boogies goin' blind
I hit on your b*tch, I hit from behind
And then she make it clap, b*tch, her bottom up
Ooh, I was the first rapper
Back up on bricks like the first trapper
Not the middle man, north, he must think he Malcolm
These n*ggas fallin' out like Humpty Dumpty
Big Draco in my lap, it ain't holdin' nothin'
I just did a show and they gave me a hunnid, that's a hundred thousand
I remember when I used to think a hunnid was a lot of money
I hit the block with the beast sign, back in Atlanta, n*gga, we used to peach dry
Back in L.A., n*gga got my heat copped, that .22 [? 1:26]
Strap it off rip when I play on the Xbox
Murder Gang, bro got this sh*t in a headlock
Put a red beam on you like I'm Cyclops
I was the first rapper at Icebox
Yeah, gang, gang
On God, I was the first rapper on Icebox
I was the first rapper at Icebox
I was the first rapper on YouTube (Big Draco)
Ah, ah, n*gga (Stacks On Deck, yeah)
(Yeah) I was the first millionaire that was 17, I shot at n*ggas
(Draco) Gang
(Gang) Been did it
Been did it, been did it
n*gga, I been did it
Bow, bow, bow, boom, boom
You know what the f*ck goin' on, n*gga, Big Draco
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