Did Somebody Say (Menulog) lyrics


Katy Perry

Did somebody say Menulog?
Ding-dong, ring-a-ding-ding-ding-dong
Did somebody say Menulog?

[Verse 1]
Want my curry in a hurry (Medium spice)
Extra sauce on the low (Boo won't know)
And I want açai
Yeah, yeah, yeah, when I'm ordering delivery

[Verse 2]
A little sushi while I watch a movie
Papaya salad while I sing a ballad
Need some ice cream, make it a swirl
Gotta treat this California girl

[Verse 3]
When you’re running low there's only one place to go
'Cause I get what I want, when I want it (When I want it)
Margherita with extra cheese on it
Download, now all I gotta do is pull out my phone
Easy: One, two, three
Mocha-whip triple-shot, it means a latte to me

Back from the club (Sandwich)
Eating subs in the tub (Famished)
Spicy chicken when I’m ready
Bon Appétit from me, Katy Perry
(Did somebody say Menulog?)
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