Pull up to the spotlight in the same jeep ive been drivin around since 2015
Girl you know id love to stay but ive got some things ive gotta do
Big dreams, big dollars that im flockin to
If u dont love me, u can go
I dont give a f*ck shawty
Ive been out here on my own
Yeah you dont love me and it shows
And now you hate my face
Won't show me grace

Who couldve ever guessed
That puttin my heart on my sleeve
Would have me feelin blessed
From all of the webs that we weaved
Yeah all the ties cut didn't mеan nothin
Yeah all those nights f*cked up mеant something

Did u ever believe?
Could u ever foresee?
I dont know man
Im just tryna ball out with my bros man
Smokin blunts with chris and alec
Then we hit the show man
b*tches come and go but this sh*ts gettin sortta old man :/
f*ck i feel like im an old man
Movin at a slower pace
But i will never fold man
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