"Halway House"

I dont wanna see the stars anymore
I dont wanna keep in touch
I dont wanna feel used
So i dont think we should talk anymore
I know if i leave first you won't have the chance to hurt me
I got it rehearsed
Learnt to assume the worst
Its the last time you'll see me
Unless ur dreamin
Its the last thing i want
But we can't even talk
I believe that you loved me
But loves not enough
Im not some ground just to walk on to distract you from him
I said to treat me better
You said ur tryin ur best
So much for discourse
You left me with holеs in my chest
Im not the first choice and i ain't cut out for this sh*t

Im not thе one here to blame
But you dont know what ur sayin
Or what its doin to me
This halfway house doesnt feel like a home
U act so cold and i dont like the snow
Im not the one whos insane
Go 'head and block me girl
Ur no good for me anyway
This halfway house doesnt feel like a home
Ur hearts so cold and id rather be alone
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