"Gucci sweater"

You dont wanna change
Baby neither do i
Said its water down the drain
Thas a god damn lie!
Yeah we're one in the same
Bby let me die
When the love turns to pain
Bby let it die

Ain't a thing changed
b*tch im still some str8 trash but
Pockets gettin fat
While these hoes gettin badder B)
Like how im eatin cake
But my di*k the main platter??????
Wrap her legs around my waste
Yeah she love my blood splatter
All u do is talk
But i ain't about thе chatter
All my ex's lame
I been out hеre gettin radder B)
Nah we ain't the same
You can tell i do it better
Cuttin up my veins
Bleedin thru my gucci sweater
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