"​half ounce in the dresser"

Its just all a set up
Keep it to the wall
Don’t even think
Of trynna get tough
Half ounce in the dresser
Smelling up the kitchen
Momma told me
To get ridda
Looking to the seas
Lemme tell ya how
I figure

I turned my back just a second
Funny i thought it took longer
For the regret to set in
Bow down to the blessings
Kiss the boots don’t get them feet wet
Just lay your face in the dirt
Don’t show them that little smirk
Growing from ear to ear
I know these peoplе hear
What im putting out
How much bigger do i gotta get
Bеfore they f*ck with me now

Its like you gotta earn that sh*t
Who ever thought of it
Its like you gotta put some work in
To get the result
Its like you gotta f*ckin
Put in the hours in yourself
Its kinda crazy
These people lately
They been so lazy
One more thing to know
About me
I hate these kids
Trynna get it for free
Buy in all you want
The sounds shows it
For me
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