"​stand by for the moment"

The day we got back
I promised to keep the work flow
It hurts so much to know
I never even came through
About 1 week home
I felt the same presence
Standing behind
Every move that
Never got a mention
I miss my f*cking homies
They the only ones who know me
Past all the imagery
That got me in a holding
I know u wanna get thru
But can u just stand by for the moment?

Hold up...
Imma take this f*ckin sh*t
To my grave
Baby i just hope u do the same
I just really hope
That nothing went in vein
I just wanna hеar u scream my name
One last timе
Before i go back home
Baby im always high
Yeah girl, thats what u know
Thats right, i always lied
And that just goes to show
You loved a f*cking mess
My hearts a vacant hole
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