"*Replay* (Not confirmed)"

Body drop like a burpee
I play with these hoes, I don't play 2K (b*tch I'm dope)
Just like [?]
[?] In the box (Yeah iight)
f*ck a [?]
b*tch im a LOC (Scoop)
Happy C day
I was too busy having a 3 way
Hold on, grab my phone
Instant replay
di*k in her mouth my thumb in her booty
Don't want the cooties you got the cooties
Came with an uzi, only spend [?]
My diamonds is blue just like jacuzzis
Get her new Gucci whenever she moody
I can make a hoe Boujee (Bam)
Its not your beauty it is your booty
Pull up to Louis with Louis
(Bow, Bow Bow Bow Bow)
Hoe get the f*ck out count me out
You can't count
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Shots in yo house (oh damn)
Tat it to em
n*ggas ratting just like mouse
Wow, oh my gosh
I spent a house on a couch
House so big its starting to get dirty
Don't get mad at me, everybody was thirsty
Some of these hoes [?]
(Bow Bow Bow Bow)

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