London Yellow


Oh, my goodness!
I found my PP (Yeah!)
You know what?
This is the PP song
Let's go! (YUMMY)

[Verse 1]
My PP it hurt (Yeah)
My PP is first
My PP desert
My PP go berserk (PP)

My PP hit you in the butt
And then my PP spert (Booty)
My PP know ABC's
My PP count 1, 2, 3 (1, 2, 3)

My PP is very small (Yeah!)
My PP is very bald (Yeah!)
My PP is very happy
When he's in your f*cking mom (PP)

My PP just crip walked
In your girl's menstrual cycle
My PP's a smart guy
My PP's a f*cking psycho

My PP this
My PP that
My PP slip inside your cat
My PP f*ck your f*cking dog
Because you know I'm bringing it back

Bringing back what?
Bringing back beastiality
I'm a f*cking snap
I pull my PP by the tip
Then let it go
Then let it slap (Yeah!)

My PP do anything (Yeah!)
My PP's a f*cking king (Yeah!)
My PP's in your chicken wings
My PP's on your f*cking team

My PP got a sister
But that PP got some blisters
Yes my PP is so clean
It touch your butt
While were playing twister (Yeah!)

My PP! (PP)
It's in your booty (I love you PP)
That's my PP (Yeah!)
That's my PP (Yeah!)
Hello PP (Yeah!)
You're my PP (Yeah!)

[Verse 2]
Yeah my PP's f*cking on T.V (T.V)
Yeah my PP's rendered in 3D (3D)
Yeah my PP's f*cking on your BB
Yeah my PP's in your wheatys (Yeah!)

My PP I pull it out
Now my PP look like linguini (Yummy)
My PP is in your mouth
My PP is kind of cuisiney (PP)

My PP is bored (Yeah!)
My PP is floored (Uh-huh)
My PP see your booty
Then my PP gets hord (Erect)

My PP erect
Now my PP wants some sex (Yummy)
My PP is never last
My PP is next

My PP is in your class
My PP see breast (Boobies)
Of your teacher
Then my PP gets inside your teacher's nest

My PP is laying eggs
And it lays eggs the best (Yeah!)
My PP is gonna pass
Every freaking test

Y'all know what my PP do
My PP is your boo (Yeah!)

[Verse 3]
My PP fall asleep inside
Your f*cking bed with you (Sleep)
My PP gives you breakfast in bed
And then he gives head to you (Ooh)

My PP is gracious
My PP is spacious
My PP don't like to race
My PP is racist (n*ggers)

My PP is on your f*cking mind
Everyday b*tch
My PP will hit your line
On some white pages (Yeah!)

My PP is not blind
He sees y'all faces
My PP is gonna' give you
f*cking braces

My PP is not scared to drown
He's not Jason (Jason)
My PP is straight
But my PP is adjacent

[Outro: London Yellow & PP]
Ah, I'm so happy to have you back, PP
That's why I sung this song about you. Because, I love you
Ah, please never be lost again, I love your Mr. PP

I love you too, London, I'll never get lost again

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