London Yellow

"Goth Chick"

This goth chick hasn't hit me back on snap chat
I met her back on Monday shes so cute and her nails are black
Think she has flat titties its okay i'm cool with that
I say good morning everyday but she won't say it back
Hey you read my message [?] respond
I'm the type of guy run to the store get you tampons
You love me like I love you we can kiss with the lamp on
I'm pretty sure you hate me never ever would date me
And Monday was four days ago why won't you take me serious
When you don't hit me back and then start messaging you periods
I will drink your period hope you never hear this sh*t
My love for you is [?] your gorgeous and mysterious
Oh f*ck I just got a message oh its from my mom
She told me to calm down she can hear me through the walls
That sh*t is a bummer thought it was that girl
Telling me that i can f*ck her I don't have her number
Oh I got it let me send her this hey you okay
Now i simply wait looking at my screen and she start typing out [?]
That's real serious my love was for you anyway eleven messages Deep she ain't replying to me but the first thing was seen
[?] is getting dark bout to call this b*tch mean
Never mind I pussied out I'm gonna find me some memes
Your forever my beam I'll see you in my dreams b*tch

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