Zach Fox Diss Track part three lyrics


London Yellow

This is dedicated to a special little guy
Who, you might ask?
Oh, just some guy
It starts with a Z
Uh, it ends with a ach
Look, so what I'm pretty much tryna say is

f*ck that n*gga Zach Fox
He is the opps
Get somebody gay suck on his c*ck
I'm really mad 'cause he did not respond
If I kill Zach Fox, will you please pay my lawn?
This n*gga look just like a goomba
f*ck are you on?
Ain't wanna do it to ya
Are you still on my di*k? It's a brand new year
I took your b*tch and she said hallelujah
f*ckin' grandmas really think that he's me
I made a grandma squirt when I was three
Take a bite out of Zach Fox like a treat
Smoke on some tree
Babes post the video, leave
I had ugly b*tches first (I did)
Your girl don't evеn look that bad (She does not)
I don't like your dumb facе (Your face)
Shave your stupid mustache
When I see that n*gga Zach Fox, imma slap him on his motherf*ckin' ass
You know when I see Zach Fox that a n*gga get really really mad
f*ck that n*gga booty man
How you got Twitter fingers but can't hit me back?
This sh*t is hittin' just like my dad
Boom all my songs, but I don't know where he at
I shook Zach Fox, and I saw his ankle snap
Say you f*ck fat b*tches, where is the kickles at?
You is lil Goku and I am big Kakarot
Who the frick gave you permission to meme rap?
He stole my p*nis, and n*gga I want it back
Saw his PS5 and I told him to run me that
I can dance better, he dance like a runner back
I get her pants wetter, he have her pants dry as crap
Built like a circle, so how you gon' square up?
This n*gga ain't responsive, I don't give no f*cks
He wear that grill 'cause all of his teeth buck
Rob Zach Fox for all of his Vbucks
If I see Zach Fox, he is gettin' his feet sucked
I do not like Zach Fox because I think that he sucks
He chucked the boy out the ship like Among Us
He asked me my name, and I told him Hugh Mungus

Man, you know what the f*ck it is, man, Zach Fox
Man, f*ck that n*gga, n*gga
(Poo-poo ass) He f*ckin' didn't respond to me
(The f*ck?) He act like I don't exist, but he know I exist
(Hit me back, Zach) This some bullsh*t, man
When I see this n*gga, imma blow a straw up his di*khole, n*gga
(Blow that sh*t up)
That's real sh*t, shoutout Fony Wallace (Deadass)
There ain't nothin' phony about that man (Not a sliver)
Uhh, drink a lot of water today, and make sure to poop
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