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London Yellow

(Tony) No, no, no, no
I got all this stuff, man, I don't know what to do with it
Stuff on my body, stuff in my head, stuff on my stuff
Stuff, man, stuff, man

There's way too many stuff on my mind (Yeah)
Told my job I'm comin' in right now, but I'm lyin'
And all my music ass, stoop lyin'
And everyone keep talkin' 'bout Joe Biden (Joe Biden)
Who's him? (Who?)
What about me? (Me)
I'm in Glasshead (Glass) with Tony Baloney
And my homies, y'all don't really know we (Don't know us)
We was f*cked up in the crib with no weed (No gas)
You know what time it is like yo' name is Wally (9/11)
She got a crush on me, I think she wanna suck my seed (Oh my goodness)
I told her proceed
She said who am I to her, I said don't ask me
Do you think we come from dirt? (Yuh)
If that's the case, then who is this right on my shirt?
It's that dirty yellow n*gga from the f*cking bird (Bird)
Yeah, I don't like him 'cause he said some things that is absurd
Now can you turn on the song where that guy just popped a perc?
There's way too many stuff on my shirt (Shirt)
People at my job think they owe me at work (Work)
My boss is just like me, you might think I'm just like her (Her)
Our world's about to end, so I really do not care
I'm on some Skyrim 'cause I really am a curr (Curr)
And I really can't decide if I'm a blessing or a curse (A curse)
Imagine me in a hearse
That would be scary (Yeah)
When I die, don't put me in a coffin, just bury me
I wanna have a billion friends, but I'm too weary (I'm scared)
Way too much on my mind, let me know if you feel me
They said that I'm pessimistic, but I am a realist
I don't f*ck with optimism, I just like that real sh*t (That's real)

Way too many stuff
Is never enough
'Cause you keep comin' to me
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