Chris Chan lyrics


London Yellow

[Verse 1: London Yellow]
Medium di*k (Medium di*k)
Still take your b*tch (Your b*tch)
I don't want her though, I (Ew) kiss your mom on her lips
Also I feel- I feel like Chris
You a Christorian (Christorian)
Clenchin' my fists
'Cause you troll me again (Troll me again), stupid trolls
All of my n*ggas depressed and restrained
We don't ever hear that 'cause we live in a game
Lemme get my mask, I came with a chain
I'm finna j*rk off, Johnny Dane
I feel like an outcast, don't know who to blame
I look at the world, and it all look the same
It's easy to smile when you do it all day
I don't know who you are, but I hope you're okay
Hope you're okay, hopе you're all good
Hope you're alright (Hopе you're alright)
Hope that you're swell, hope that you're great
Hope that you're nice
Really don't give a f*ck, kick a kid off his bike
I don't see you, like I got some chinky eyes
I will crush you like some obese thighs
Oh, this guy's really out his mind

[Verse 2: Theycallmejeff]
Tried- Tried to put myself once when I was drunk
When my mom called me the next morning when I woke up
Voice, that was strange
Now I hop in comment sections to let out all my rage (Ahh)
All this smoke in my cells, it done frazzled up my brain (I'm dumb)
I'm insane, I think (Ah)
I forget to blink (Oh f*ck)
I forget to think (Wait, what?)
Damn, my mind is blank (Oh sh*t)
I ain't down a rank (No)
Man, I am so drank (Huh)
And my weed's not dank (It's not)
And my apartment stank (P.U.)
My life sucks, oh well
Suck it up, buttercup
Life is tough, I'm baby but not buff
Damn, it's so rough (Uh-huh)
Rocky road, take a stroll (Uh-huh)
Come take a toe, and now I'm blown (I'm blown)
I hit the road, whoops, yup
There I go, see ya
Of course!
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