"You drive me crazy"

b*tch, you drive me crazy
Say you love me baby
Then, you leave me, baby
I’ve been so lost lately

Why you saying all this sh*t
And then you leave me
Why you saying you’re so different
Then you leave me

Broke my heart into pieces when you left me
Blame it on me like I am the villain
I don’t get this love sh*t and you don’t get me
Girl, sometimes I really wish you never met me
Now you’re gone and and, girl, I wish you would’ve kept me
Would’ve kept me
Now you’re gon’ forget me

You don’t love me
Girl, you hurt me
And you like it
[?] you’re so different
You were lying

I got tattoos on my neck for you x2
I got scratched up on my chest for you
I don’t wanna live I just...


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