Vira Talisa

"Little Sunny Girl"

Little Sunny Girl
I've known you since you were a toddler
And we grew up together
Now we're 23
You've found your man for you to marry
Yes, I hope you'll be happy

He was a fine-looking man
He came from outta town
He was sweeter than any wine
You've known him for too long
I know it's hard for you to say no
When he came to propose

He cracked that egg with his feet
You both walked to your fancy seats
And you said, Thanks, my dearest friend
You slept in his bed
And after that he bumped your head
To the walls of his parents' place

He forced you to undress
Every night he hit your face
But his parents were shut
Monsters are made in the world where angels live

Little Sunny Girl
Come if you're not able to overcome
He was my remorse
Forget the Vatican
Forget society
You are safe here with me

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