"No Explanation"

I gotta choppa put it through his brain
I just love killin and i can't explain
Let that bullet rip right through his vain
Cashout and spend a hunnid on a chain
[Verse 1]
Hop off of the train find who’s gonna get killed today
Hop out of the ghost then hop in the wraif
Light them up in they own hood like jfk
What they gon say
What they gon say
What they gon say
When I hop out and spray
Shoot out the full clip with an ak
With an ak
With an ak
Choppa make em dance call it ballet
Why they so fake
Why they so fake
Keep 200k up in they safe
We ain't even talkin bout what i got in the bank
Run up on me and shoot like a tank
This water to deep for you gonna sank
Why are you talkin what is your rank
What is your rank
What is your rank
Do not run up spill guts like lemon-ade-ade-ade
What they gon do when this weapon is aimed-aimed-aimed-aimed
Ran up on em and his blood gon get drained-ained-ained-ained
And I gotta keep the sticks on me wit my gang-ang ayyy
Yeah this gun spray-aaayy
Right through his dome-ome
You already know
How its gonna go
Yeah let it blow
Put dis semi down your throat-oat-oat

[Verse 2]
50 bodies caught on the
Pull up on you with my hoe
Shoot the dude in his dome called him
Thats an extra body caught bi- daily
I hopped back in the car left the body
Bombed his 35 grand audi
Hope i don’t get caught by his girlfriend dotty
If i do ill run and call her a thotty ahhhhh
They tried to pull up in my hood wit choppas
Boy don't step on my balenciaga
I called my friend to pull up on um quickly
I stole yo girl i buy her a gold blicky
What they gonna do when we spraying
They Can't do nothin while we praying
They bounced out man they fricken babies
We caught some bodies and some ladies

[Verse 3]
Lil boy what are talking about
I can't think about
The time you thought about
You killin me for clout
Boy you ain't got no clout
Boy you dont got a house
Yo can't kill me with fists
You can't afford a kiss
Stop talkin smack bout me
I will shoot you with some bliss
Blick blick blick blick llllrrraaaa lllllrrrrraaaa
Lllllrraaaaa llllllrraaaaaaa
I never listin to them stupid critics
Free my boy when he starts spitted clitics
I hit her once then leave her crying
She told on me for rape she is lying oooooooooo

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