Mariah Carey

"Side Effects (Remix)"

Still deal with the side effects
Still deal with the side effects

[Verse 1: Mariah Carey]
I was a girl, you was the man
I was too young to understand
I was naive, I just believed
Everything that you told me
Said you were strong, protecting me
Then I found out that you were weak
Keeping me there, under your thumb
'Cause you were scared that I'd become much
More than you could handle
Shining like a chandelier
That decorated every room inside
The private hell we built
And I dealt with it
Like a kid, I wished I could fly away, but instead

[Pre-Chorus: Mariah Carey]
I kept my tears inside
'Cause I knew if I started, I'd keep cryin'
For the rest of my life with you
I finally built up the strength to walk away
Don't regret it, but I still live with the side effects
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