"2 mins freestyle"

I’m pouring 44 she’s pouring out rum
I’m smoking this K so I can’t see no one
Addicted to codeine I gotta get one
I’m a real n*gga but I do not keep a gun
I was rolling in the hood with the bangers(gang)
Sipping lean with strangers
f*cking a thot thot in a Maybach
Skrr skrr skrr
That was her soundtrack
Came thru dripping
Diamonds leaking
Hublot ticking
She believes me
Told that b*tch to take the di*k In
Pray to God don’t be a reverend
I do not know what I did at the show
Snorted three lines now I’m kissing the floor
All the hate sh*t I done seen it before 2x
Gave her fashionova then I head to Minnesota
Hit that b*tch twice and I feel like Casanova
Mummy praying but I feel the devil closer
Demons on shoulder making me suicidal
Hit that lame n*gga giving him an upper cutter
Had to go to rehab just so I can come out sober
Trust me You don’t wanna go broke
First time I seen a milli n*gga I was cold
Imma be on top I just gotta stay woke
Make sure I make a hunnid billi for my folks
I like her tone my b*tch is cold
I’m making it rain her pus*y is cold
Scored at your girl alley oop
I might take your girl kinda bad kinda cute
Young n*gga striving he was kicked out school
Accused of something he didn’t even do
I’m taking this pills so I gotta get numb
She’s taking this pills so she gotta get dumb
pus*y money weed On God
She loves my cologne
Flood on my wrist and it’s critical
No prototype it is typical
This sh*t cut ten figures
Not about the fuss I’m lyrical
di*k cylindrical hit her with it (yeah)
Imma be the greatest better wait on it
Demons trying so I prayed on it
pus*y n*gga don’t menstruate on me
Say this once Fifi I want you but you too hot for me
Until I was
Kicked out of school
It wasn’t cool
I found myself breaking all of the rules
Pull out the Glock n*gga don’t move
Cut all that bullsh*t and let us conclude
Give him the Glock tell him to shoot
He missing shots like the n*gga giroud
I say damn he ain’t gang

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