"Bottle It Up"

[Hook: Kinetics]
All these things bottled up, I needed to say to you
Tried, but I never knew how

But I've been drinking all night, and I think I'm on one
So I might as well do it now

Cause I don't wanna bottle it up, bottle it up, ay yeah
Bottle it up, bottle it up, ay yeah
Bottle it up, bottle it up, ay yeah

We gonna pour it out tonight, oh yeah

[Verse 1: Mike Stud]
Another night, another flight
This a toast to everything I'm doing right (yeah)

Taking off in the literal sense
But doing music full time is a little intense
And now, I don't know where I'm flying to
I fly, then I land and I party just because I'm signed to

Mind you that I did what I was trying to
Now all I do is get with women that I'm blind to

Saying adios to the girl I love most
And these women on the road don't even come close
At the end of the day, I guess I needed you
Wanted it all, but couldn't have my cake and eat it too
Never told you anything that you need to know
And it seemed that the best bet was for me just to go
What would I say if me and you could have a night alone?
But for now, I'm gonna tell it to this microphone
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