We Spinnin 2 lyrics



Ha ha
You know what the f*ck it is n*gga
We already told y'all n*ggas man, we back on this sh*t
This "We Spinnin 2 2", just lettin' y'all n*ggas know

[Verse 1: Lil Buckss]
W-we pop out like surprise lil' di*khead
I'll tell my slimes to send some shots at ya fitted
And we got aim so you know we not missing
How you got beef but, you ain't got chicken
Crack out boom bout to bang boul
Act out this glizzy gonna bang boul
You a fan I don't even know ya name boul
Tell 3k pop out let it ring boul
I was sleeping in the trap, like days in a row
Man y'all n*ggas can't rap, start changing y'all flow
I was in the youth, gang banging with bro
I don't f*ck with these n*ggas cause they hate on the low
And my mans got booked, he was moving snow
Call Eddie cause I know he be shooting bro

[Verse 2: 1Mere]
Go, go, go, go
You know I'm back at it again
I just fell off with the plug, and he cut me off, you know I start trapping again
Shе said she wanna f*ck on the floor, I f*ck on the mattrеss again
I don't know why all these n*ggas dissing the 4 (yeah), don't lack again
Opps said slime got booked on the drill, that's a motherf*ckin' and 1 di*khead
She ain't my type, just come to the crib just f*ck, no b*tch I'm dipping
I had the block, all opps on socials, b*tch ass n*ggas wanna approach us
Forever gonna be top soldiers, should've aimed top, but you aimed a lil' lower
They gave him the drop (di*khead), that's a di*khead drop
Now you got shot, that's a di*khead spot
Slide on yo' block with a big ass Glock
Now we gotta wicky, with a big ass knot (with a big ass know)
[Verse 3: Lil Buckss]
Oh sh*t, hit em [?]
I don't really give a f*ck what the cops say
Tell a ghost pop out let that Glock spray
Runnin' in his crib, give a f*ck what his mom said
Aye Chop f*ck that, grab the duct tape
And I walk with the "I don't give a f*ck" face

[Verse 4: 1Mere]
And its lil 1 from West side, I don't think twice, run em down get ya chest fried
I [?] the pills gon kill, but I don't really care while I'm here get the best side
All these b*tches gon talk down, just let them, uh, just wait til the check fly
And I see her ridin her back, I ride her back in the field [?]
He shot at me, I don't know where he went
I see Imma ride in her back
I just blew out all this back
di*khead, should've just stayed where you at
Slickhead, now you got put in a casket

[Verse 5: Lil Buckss]
di*khead, should've just played ya part
Now he wanna diss with ya man, and y'all playing ya part

[Verse 6: 1Mere]
Should've just played it smart
Now you look stupid, ya man got parked
[Verse 7: Lil Buckss]
Now we in the room getting fried
And I [?] just pass me the Sprite

[Verse 8: 1Mere]
We got them Glocks and all
We see a opp, turn the day to the dark
We on the block where we, told em 4 times, watch out for the

[Verse 9: Lil Buckss]
And I [?] her friend too
And you weren't post on that block too
[?] he creep with that Glock, if I see it [?], I should spin it too

[Verse 10: 1Mere]
And you n*ggas don't know that it's "We Spinnin 2"
It's "We Spinnin 2"
You know we spin thru
[?] he get sent to ya crew

[Verse 11: Lil Buckss]
If I call Lil Bucket, he gon knock off ya roof
If a n*gga tryna run, he gon knock off ya tooth, poof

[Verse 12: 1Mere]
He gone
We plotting on his block til it's dawn
If I get the drop in the zone
n*gga it's on
O2Da4 that's the zone
We throwing shots at his dome
He must say no, then I walk with that Chrome
[Verse 13: Lil Buckss]
I walk with that chrome
If he want that smoke, then we outside ya home

[Verse 14: 1Mere]
Now we tryna turn up, now I'm f*cking this jawn
Switching up 4 from the O2Da4, n*gga
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