Max B

"HollyWood (Impossible)"

[Intro: French Montana, New Birth, Max B]
Ooh, impossible
You know what they said when I told 'em my boy coming home?
It’s impossible (Haha)
Arm and Hammer
Tell the sun to leave the sky
Wavy Crockett
It's just impossible (It's impossible)
Coke Wave
Them Wavy Boys back (Hahn)
It’s impossible
What they gonna do now?
Ask a baby not to cry (Hollywood)
It's just impossible (Yeah)
Get 'em, Max!

[Verse 1: Max B]
I need a thousand dollar baguette
Look I took the game and put it right back where I had it
Back up in the streets, f*ck with me I wasn't havin' that
I got that animal ambition back in the kitchen, back up in my habitat
Money start to gravitate
These n*ggas ain't pop up until I got a date, typical leeches
I'm on them beaches with peaches, see we just play in the sheets
The streets, clapped my brother, layin' in peace
Makes you wonder how I coulda turned out
Dark shades, perm’d out, 18 and shermed out
Now I swerve out
Special shout to them b*tches that held me back
I relied on the word of mouth, Hollywood
Baby pus*y probably good, I don’t really know
Got a couple little n*ggas, did a couple videos
Said she never really had sh*t, daddy was always higher
Listen sugar momma you're preachin’ to the choir
Seen his body on the flyers, since a kid I had the priors
Seven figures is cool, me and wifey 'bout to retire
Got the big house, don't put them n*ggas in the big house
Nothin' in my way, I got a clear route

[Interlude: Sample]

[Verse 2: French Montana]
Hollywood, momma look, all the prices and the sacrifices, now we got it good
Hollywood, money root of evil, in Hollywod
Couple M’s make you the devil
I guess being broke gets you to Heaven
Yeah, I'm fleek from the socks to the rooftop when I'm steppin' out
Broke have you point a MAC-11 to the reverend's mouth
And any day could be your last in the jungle
Bullets blast, n*ggas fumble
First advance was a bundle
Sun Tzu with The Art of War
Coke Wave part 4
Porsche box, southpaw
Been ballin', outdoor (Haan!)
Militant like the nation of Islam
Live Nation ten milli', don't be silly, hottest in my city (Haan!)
Foundation under the committee
Hundred M's in the 30's and 40's gunnin' for that billi'
From the block, hot sauce
Handlin' the rock, from the bottom to the top chart
Montana, rockstar
Bulletproof suburban like I'm Giuliani
Duckin' Rockefeller law bumpin' Roc-a-fella
Amaretto sour every hour, masturbatin' to the Forbes
36 M's, 36 strategies of war

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